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Hospitality Works Hard for Your Business

Hospitality Works Hard for Your Business

Published by IMG in British American Business' Network Magazine.

Many people in business still view corporate hospitality with suspicion, as something belonging to a more affluent age or indeed a 'jolly' designed to cater to the Chairman's interests of hobbies.

They couldn't be more wrong.

In a world where we communicate increasingly via remote platforms, we also spend less face-to-face time than ever with the people that are integral to business success. Used strategically, event hospitality can be an effective tool in building, developing and cementing relationships with both existing and potential clients, or even in motivating and rewarding your workforce.

The more you know about your clients, the more relevant you can make your client entertainment programme. Get to know them and ensure that you invite them to the events that are most appealing to them, whether it's sport, music or theatre. The Olympics will be particularly appealing as a corporate entertainment event in London this summer. The event experience can help to convey your company in a positive light and a poor experience will last in the memories of your guests for all the wrong reasons. It's therefore vital that you source your event hospitality though official channels...

Jonathan Cocke
Senior Vice President, IMG

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